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Monday, August 8, 2011

Twisted by Sara Shepard

I love Pretty Little Liars (here by known as PLL). I actually started watching the tv show before I read started reading the books. Now usually, I have an issue with movies or shows deviating from the books, but in this case, the show is so blatantly different from the books, it might as well be two different things. So it doesn't bother me so much. And I was completely satisfied with the ending of PLL Book 8 (Wanted). Needless to say, when I found out that author Sara Shepard was writing a 9th book (and 10th, 11th, and 12th) I was curious and excited about what had been going on with the Liars a year after the end of book 8. Summary from Goodreads: It’s been a year since the torturous notes from A stopped and the mystery of Alison DiLaurentis’s disappearance was finally put to rest. Now seniors in high school, Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily are older, but they’re not any wiser. The Pretty Little Liars have more secrets than ever - twisted secrets that could destroy the perfect lives they’ve worked so hard to rebuild.

Aria’s jealous of her boyfriend’s new exchange student. Spencer’s getting a little too cozy with her soon-to-be-stepbrother. Hanna’s one scandalous photo away from ruining her dad’s Senate campaign. And Emily will do anything to get a swim scholarship.

Worst of all: Last spring break in Jamaica, they did something unforgivable. The girls are desperate to forget that fateful night, but they should know better than anyone that all secrets wash ashore … eventually.

This is kind of a fantastic summary, because if you haven't read books 1-8, it still doesn't give anything away! You could theoretically start here with book 9 without having read the others, and feel mostly caught up. (Though I'd still recommend reading PLL 1-8, it's almost like reading a tabloid!)

What I liked: 1) I loved that it was one year after the mystery of A had been unraveled. 2) Our favorite Little Liars are at it again! Obviously the girls didn't learn from all the mistakes they'd made the year before when they were dealing with "A." That should be a bad thing, but it really just made me laugh. 3) There are more and more questions. That's really what has kept me hooked on the PLL storyline, that every time you turn around, there is another question that needs to be answered.

What I didn't like: It's hard to say. I knew what to expect, so I liked it all!

Overall thoughts: Like I said, I knew what I was getting into. Shallow, snobby, petty girls who don't learn their lessons and have a knack for getting themselves in serious trouble. But the PLL series is addicting, partially because of the characters, who are so unbelievable, yet so real at the same time. And partially because of the unending string of questions, twisting plot lines, and mysterious goingson. I know a lot of people were skeptical when Ms. Shepard decided to do a 4 book story arc that began the year after the whole "A" thing was over. But I'm glad she did! It's a quick and easy read that will keep you guessing through the whole book.

My rating: 5 shots

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  1. Great review. I need to try this series. So do you like the books or show better?

  2. It's hard to say. Even the characters are different from the books to the show (personality-wise). I'd say I probably like them both equally.

  3. i haven't read this series. am planning to read book 1 at least just so i can say whether i like it or not. but unfortunately i can't get into the TV show :/

  4. I'm addicted to the tv show. It's kind of like...ya know how people slow down to see a wreck? Yeah.


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