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Friday, October 28, 2011

Bad Taste in Boys by Carrie Harris

I've been looking forward to reading this since it came out. It sounded super cute, but I was only hesitant because of the whole zombie thing. So I put it on my list for Halloween reads and decided that I'd give it a chance. Here's the summary from Goodreads: Someone's been a very bad zombie.

Kate Grable is horrified to find out that the football coach has given the team steroids. Worse yet, the steroids are having an unexpected effect, turning hot gridiron hunks into mindless flesh-eating zombies. No one is safe--not her cute crush Aaron, not her dorky brother, Jonah . . . not even Kate!

She's got to find an antidote--before her entire high school ends up eating each other. So Kate, her best girlfriend, Rocky, and Aaron stage a frantic battle to save their town. . . and stay hormonally human.

What I Liked: 1) There was this whole, science-y thing going on! I mean, she, Kate, a future med student, is doing science experiments to figure out what is going on with the kids at her school, what kind of virus is causing them to turn into zombies!? I loved that because she found an answer, instead of it just being, oh, we don't know why suddenly people are zombies. 2) The descriptions. I got very caught up in this story, and felt like I was running from these creepies right along with Kate because of how well everything was described. A little too well, at some points, because there are some particularly nasty scents that I swear I could smell while I was reading it. Blech. 3) Something about Kate made me want to laugh. She was one of those unintentionally funny people that I always like to be friends with. I could just picture her standing there blinking like, "am I really seeing this?!" She was very well written and became a very real, and very likeable person. I also really liked how determined she was. 4) How casual everything seemed. This was probably what I enjoyed the most about the book, was how casual everything was treated. Oh, she's carrying around a severed foot. Ya know. Just every day stuff. This attitude just had me laughing to hard.

What I Didn't Like: Well, there was some gross stuff going on. And it's described so vividly that...yeah, you aren't spared the details. But again, it's written in such a casual manner that you can brush past it very easily. This isn't really something I didn't like, because I enjoyed everything about this book, more as a warning for anyone who may be squeamish.

Overall thoughts: An easy read (I think it took me like 2 hours to read the whole book), with a lot of humor, some creepy zombies, and a great heroine! This was a light and fun read, and I really enjoyed the characters that Miz Harris created! I'll be looking forward to reading more from her! Oh, and yes, the title does have something to do with it! Read it and find out what!

My rating: 5 candy corns

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  1. Fantastic review! It's a pity that my local store does carry copies in-store. I'd have to order it =( (which I hate doing)

    -Wendy from A Cupcake and a Latte: YA Reviews

  2. I have to read this! I have had it on my reader for a while but keep putting it off. It sounds so much fun and my type of book. Excellent review!

    Xpresso Reads

  3. Ha! I love your candy corn!
    Yeah this was a really short, easy read for me. Plus I really love the cover!

  4. this looks great! ive been wanting to read it. after reading your review i am excited about it.
    fab cover too

  5. Wendy - I had to order mine too, but it was worth it. And it's not very long, so I was able to read it very quickly!

    Giselle - Make sure you move it up your TBR list! Especially if you are looking for a laugh. This one was funny!

    Roxy - thank you! I'm partial to the candy corn myself!

    Melissa - I love the cover too. And I was wondering how it was going to fit in with the story, but it did!

    Thanks for stopping by, y'all!!


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