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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trick or Treat Tuesday!

Welcome to Trick or Treat Tuesday! This is a feature that will happen every Tuesday during the month of October. You'll get some tricks from paranormal authors about how they go about creating their supernatural characters!

And to kick it off, I'd like to welcome Nichole Chase, author of The Dark Betrayal Trilogy!

Hello. I am Nichole Chase, author of Mortal Obligation, Book One of The Dark Betrayal Trilogy. I’m honored to be writing a guest post for Fuzzy.Coffee.Books and the Halloween Celebration! In honor of my favorite holiday, Courtney has asked that I discuss how I came up with the different creatures in The Dark Betrayal Trilogy. Mortal Obligation started out with one scene: The image of a girl who knew she was being followed by something. Immediately I knew that the girl was important, and that the fate of many would rest on her shoulders. With the thought of this young, important girl in mind, I began scouring websites for a name. I came across Alastriana (Ah-las-tree-ahna) on a site with Irish names and fell in love with it. I should probably fess up and admit that there was a sound clip of a man saying the name in his beautiful Irish accent. This means that he could have said “Fish and Chips” and I would have swooned a little. However, the fact that Alastriana meant “Savior of humankind” was too perfect to pass up. It fit perfectly with the story that had been percolating in my mind. (Don’t worry too much, I did give her a nickname: Ree. I couldn’t be so cruel to my character as to make her go through her imaginary teen years with the full name of Alastriana.)

Now that I knew who the girl was walking through downtown Savannah, I needed to know what was following her. Whatever was following her, had once been human, but moved with an alien grace. They were deadly, evil, and terrifying. That started the ball rolling and I went with it. What if the dark creatures, these Dark Ones, were infected with a disease? Something that killed their soul and destroyed their humanity? Where had this disease come from and how was it spread? These were questions that had to be answered. I have always had a fascination with mythology so turned to that for my answers. I love the Greek, Roman, and Norse myths but couldn’t find anything that fit just right with the idea of the Dark Ones. Well, what if the disease came from gods I didn’t know? What if this disease was a weapon being used in a secret war between the gods that I knew and dark gods that weren’t necessarily from this planet? This was the beginning of The Dark Betrayal Trilogy. Alastriana was the gods answer to the terror the dark ones introduced to Earth.

However, while Ree has powers to help level the playing field, she is not as physically strong as the dark ones. To help counter the odds against Ree, she is given a Guardian-- someone of immortal descent, who is strong, fast, and capable of defending her. Because there are rules about this silent struggle, the guardians had to be born of human parents. This introduced something similar to demigods to the story. They were bred with a purpose, so are referred to as Guardians, or if someone is feeling snarky—a godling. The guardians in the book, have some of the funnest characteristics to write about. They develop fangs, super strength, and speed. They heal quickly and occasionally show signs of the powers their patron gods are famous (or infamous) for having.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little about the origins of my characters. An author’s mind can be a twisted maze of half thoughts and dead ends, but nothing compares to the feeling of when everything clicks into place.

If you would like to learn more about Ree, her guardians, and the dark ones that hunt her, please check out my website or blog.

Nichole Chase

Nichole's Website

Nichole's Blog

Thanks so much for sharing a little bit about how you come up with the supernatural characters in your story with us, Nichole!

Okay, we know Halloween isn't just about the tricks, so I guess it's time for a little treat! Nichole, in her awesomeness, has offered up some e-books of book one of her trilogy, Mortal Obligation (which I reviewed here)! This little treat of a giveaway will run from Oct. 4th until Oct. 8th (Saturday). Then I'll announce the winners on Sunday! So just fill out the form below!

This Giveaway is now closed, but make sure you look for other great giveaways during the month of October!
Yay! Happy Halloween!


  1. I loved your method of continuous questioning to get to know your characters...that really is interesting and very much useful for an aspiring writer like me. Personally, I try to write poems narrated by them....but this sounds awesome as well!

  2. Theanks for hosting me, Courtney! I enjoyed getting to explain a little about my creative process.

    Uomo, that's a great way to get into your characters head! I can hear some of the funny poetry that a couple of my guys would come up with. Thanks for stopping by!


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