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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Trivia Question #4

Somehow, we've made it to 8 days away from Christmas Day! This holiday season just seems to be flying by! (Like 8 tiny reindeer, perhaps?) Just to recap - we're counting down the days 'til Christmas with some trivia. And, oh right, the giveaway! Make sure you get entered into my 12 Days 'til Christmas Giveaway, and for each of these trivia questions that you at least guess, you'll get an extra entry! But make sure you fill out the form here to get entered!

Here's the answer to yesterday's trivia question
Q: In Tchaikovsky's popular Christmas ballet "The Nutcracker Suite," who was the Nutcracker's main foe?
A: The Rat King or the Mouse King. I always thought he was a rat, but I suppose it doesn't matter. What does matter is that this guy was defeated with a shoe. Talk about girl power!

Today's Question
Q: In 1967, Oliver Cromwell, a Puritan leader in England, banned all Christmas celebrations. How long did this ban last?

No Christmas? How can Christmas be illegal? Silly Cromwell.

9 ladies dancing...


  1. Oliver Cromwells banning of Christmas was from 1642 to 1660 source

  2. The ban started in 1644 until 1660 so that make 16years! ( source http://www.timetravel-britain.com/articles/christmas/ban.shtml)
    Some source gave the date 1945 for the start of this ban)

    i don't know why in your question you put 1967...

  3. Most of the articles I read said it was from 1647 to 1660 so that would be 13 years, but there are many different dates listed depending on what you read.

  4. It started in 1644, thou some also say it was started in 1647, didn't see anything saying 1967 or even 1667; and the ban was lifted only when Cromwell lost power in 1660.

    There was even a page that says it started during the English Interregnum and that started in 1649.

    If you are going by 1644 then it lasted 16 years.
    If you are going by 1647 then it lasted 13 years.
    If you are going by 1649 then it lasted 11 years.

  5. did it last for 12 years....


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