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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Trivia Question #7

Today is December 20th, my Dad's birthday! Happy Birthday, Papa FCB! Thank you for facilitating my book addiction for most of my life. You rock! And you guys rock too, for sticking with my fun trivia game! Christmas Day is a mere 5 days away now, and I know you are all super busy. I hope y'all are taking the time to enjoy this wonderful time of year! Have you been enjoying my trivia questions? I've been regaling my family with them so they can play along with you guys. It's been fun for us! If you've just now stumbled into the party, here's the deal. We're counting down to Christmas with a giveaway and some Christmas trivia. Make sure to check out the giveaway page here to get entered to win something really awesome! And then, for every trivia question to guess, you'll get an extra entry! Sound like fun?

Here's the answer to yesterday's trivia question:
Q: Who was the first U.S. President to decorate the White House Christmas Tree?
A: Franklin Pierce

And today's trivia question:
Q: How long did it take Charles Dickens to write "A Christmas Carol?"

Stop back by tomorrow for the answer and more trivia!

Six geese-a-laying...


  1. Thanks you for this event.

    So again i found several answers-_-
    It was written in 1843 and in 6weeks from this source http://www.alkahestartists.net/downloads/FixedCHARLESDICKENSPORTRAIT.pdf
    (another says only 2 weeks but gfrom my research 6 weeks seems a correct answers)

    all the best


  2. 6 weeks! That's amazing!

  3. Dickens began to write A Christmas Carol in October 1843, and completed the book in six weeks with the final pages written in the beginning of December. source: wikipedia

  4. I'm going with 6 weeks, even though I did find a page that said 2 weeks, that just doesn't sound right to me. :)


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