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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway!

Did y'all know that the actual Twelve Days of Christmas are the days after Christmas, from December 26th and Epiphany (Jan. 6th)? It represents the 12 days it took for the Wise Men to arrive in Bethlehem. Ho ho ho! I like Christmas trivia! So I'm going to celebrate Christmas by giving y'all some Christmas trivia for the next 12 days from now until Christmas Day!

But I like to give stuff away too! So, in honor of the end of the year, the 12 Days of Christmas, Christmas time, the spirit of giving, Santa Claus, and all that fun stuff, I'd going to host a little giveaway!

How would you like a new release of your choice? What could be better? How about one a month for the next 12 months, courtesy of Fuzzy.Coffee.Books? That's right, the winner of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway will get their choice of one new release every month for the entire year! And you get to choose what you want! Sound like a good deal?

Okay, so here's the deal. Fill out the form below. There are extra entries available for tweeting, pasting the button on your blog, etc. You can also earn extra entries, one a day, by answering the trivia questions I'll be posting every day. You don't have to get them right, just guess. I'll count everything up once the contest is over. The giveaway will run from today until midnight (CST) on December 25th. I'll announce the winner a few days after that. And then starting in January, you'll get one new release of your choice!

Oh, and for the international contingent - yes, this contest is open to you too! As long as Book Depository delivers to ya, then you can enter!

And don't forget you can get an extra entry every day by guessing the answer to the trivia question I post each day!

Here is today's Trivia Question:

Q: How many gifts would you receive from the "Twelve Days of Christmas" song?

I'll post the answer tomorrow! Good luck!

Cheers and Happy Reading!

12 Drummers Drumming...

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  1. Best giveaway in blogland!

    Thanks for remembering your international readers :)

  2. 78? Just a guess :P Absolutely LOVE this giveaway.. It's definitely unique compared to the ones I've seen :)


  3. This should be fun..... Do we post our answers here or in a blog post.... Im guessing 78 gifts in total too , but I posted the answer on my blog already !

    What an amazing giveaway !

  4. 364 Gifts :) And this sounds wonderful!

  5. 364 not that i knew off the top of my head i went on the internet lol.

    thanks courtney!

  6. Thanks for this really awesome giveaway! the answer is 364 gifts. That would be awesome, but then you would have way too many of each thing. ;)

  7. Answer 364gifts ( it would be so great ^^;;)

    thanks you for this great giveaway

  8. Woohoo!! Welcome to the party, everyone! That's kind of what I feel like we're doing here! So many great answers so far! Remember, you don't have to be right, just make a guess and you'll get one extra entry! Thanks for participating, y'all! And remember to come back tomorrow for the answer, and for the next question!


  9. 78 gifts? :) Thank you for the giveaway!

  10. You would receive 78 gifts! Pretty nice. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  11. Thanks for the giveaway and for opening it to worldwide entries.

    Much appreciated.

    Answer: 364 gifts


    Carol T

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  12. Answer - 364!

    Chloe B
    email - chloe.hope.bookie(at)gmail(dot)com

  13. Fab giveaway! :D

    364 gifts is the answer ;)


  14. Answer is 364 presents!

    toprocrastinate at hotmail dot com

  15. Thanks for the giveaway! my answer is 121 !

  16. Oh dear, I'm so bad with maths. 78 perhaps?


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