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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bedtime Stories

When is your favorite time to read? Do you have time to read during the day, or do you find yourself sneaking a book out of your bag during your lunch break? Do you carve out an hour at night to get your reading done?

Me, I like to read at night. Well, that's really the only time during the week that I have time. I'm one of these people who wakes up at the very last minute so I still have enough time to get ready and make it to work on time, so definitely no early morning reading. Sometimes I listen to audiobooks at work, if there is no one there. But mostly, it's bedtime reading for me.

For my fellow night readers, are there certain books that you won't read at night? I'm one of those people who is extremely susceptible to the power of suggestion from books and movies and have found myself sleeping with the lights on because of things I've read or watched on television. So I'm curious, what makes a good bedtime story for you? Do you just pick up whatever it is you're reading at the time, without a thought as to subject matter? Or is it a conscious choice?

My biggest concern is usually how many books are there on the bed. Too many to keep me from my pillow, it's time to rearrange the bookshelf.

So, what kind of bedtime stories do you like?


  1. I love this!

    When I was working, I read whenever I could. I used to not give myself time in the mornings before work but when I hurt my back last January and relied on pain meds and muscle relaxers that made me sleepy, I knew I needed time to wake myself up with breakfast and coffee. And while I did that, I read. I listened to audiobooks on my commute. I always read on my lunch break and other breaks. I was also still taking grad classes and I had over an hour between the time I left work and went to class, so I'd read then.

    I still read wherever I can. I read at most mealtimes (lol) and whenever I'm in the car and not driving. I read a lot at night, especially lately. I've gotten into the habit of starting books late at night and then shirking sleep to get as far as I possibly can.

    When it comes to books or television or movies after dark, yes, the power of suggestion affects me too. I cannot read or watch something scary when it's dark. It just will not happen. Suspense, yes, but scary...hell no!

  2. I usually read during the day during my lunch break and at night in bed before sleep. I'd love to read more though. On weekends, if I have the time, I'll read on the couch in the afternoon or outside. As much as possible is always good!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  3. I love reading at night. And I'm with you, I am very susceptible to what I'm reading. Thus I never read scary stuff.

  4. I too read mostly at night. I usually put my daughter to bed, make some tea, and settle down with a book. I used to not be able to read certain books at night. (Dean Koontz) I would get all freaked out and think things were lurking around outside lol!! It doesn't bother me anymore though. I convince myself that there is nothing to be afraid of, it's just a book. Haha!


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