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Monday, January 30, 2012

Bone Dressing by Michelle I. Brooks

The premise of this book intrigued me immediately when Michelle sent me a brief summary. Little is given away in the summary, just enough to tease the reader into wanting to dive straight into it. Michelle did forewarn me that this was a darker story, so I wasn't sure exactly what I was getting into, but it didn't take long for me to be completely sucked into the story.

Here's the summary from Goodreads: Time is running out & the Dark that's been chasing Syd for many lifetimes has finally caught up with her.

Sydney Roberdeau lost her parents as a young girl. Waiting for her life to start and the freedom that will come with her eighteenth birthday, Syd spends much of her time haunting the local cemetery. It is there, stretched out among the dead, that she feels most alive, most at home. Until one rainy night when Beau, Sarah and T.J. crash her ghostly sanctuary, appearing out of nowhere, turning her already inside-out world one degree past upside down.

Syd must now revisit past lives, dressing in the bodies of her previous selves & bone dressing. Her only chance to outrun the evil breathing down her neck is to face her own worst nightmares and her strongest desires. But if she can't stay out of trouble in this life, how can she possibly fix mistakes from past lives? And just how many lives has she lived, loved and lost? What is Syd exactly, and what will she risk for the life of a man she doesn't remember, the man she spent a lifetime with, the man she loves? Everything including her very own life?

Bone Dressing, the first in a series of seven books, will carry Syd and Beau on an adventure that transcends life itself.

What I Liked: 1) Syd. Syd isn't a shiny happy person. But there is something charming about her...feistiness. There is something about her that makes you want to understand and know more about her. She's a tough girl whose been through a lot, especially the loss of her parents, but she handles it in her own way. It makes for a unique and interesting MC. Also, she has a very sarcastic sense of humor, which I found really entertaining. 2) The concept of "Bone Dressing." Bone dressing, which you can deduce from the summary, is the layers of past lives that lie on Syd's bones. This was a really interesting way to view the idea of reincarnation and time-travel. Two words which I'm pretty sure never appeared anywhere in the book. 3) The plot. There was never a dull moment in Bone Dressing. Once I had started reading, I didn't want to put it down. But even with the exciting plot twists, it didn't get confusing at all. 3) Beau. Beau is the male counterpart to Syd. He takes all of her attitude in stride and calls her on her faults. Between Beau, Sarah, and T.J., I can tell that Syd's life is never going to be the same from the moment she meets them. They develop a relationship unlike any Syd seems to be involved in, and I love how that's helping her grow.

What I Didn't Like: Nothing!

Overall thoughts: Bone Dressing will stun you, startle you, and ultimately, make you fall in love with it as you explore the dark recesses of love, loss, karma and good vs. evil. I loved the story and the plot, and can't wait to see where the characters go next! This is definitely one to add to your TBR list!

My rating: 5 shots

Cheers and Happy Reading!


  1. Oh this sounds really great. I have it, but haven't had a chance to get to it yet, and probably won't for a while. Lovely review.

  2. I had not even heard of this, I will have to check it out! I love a good sarcastic character;) Thanks for the great review.


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