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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Trivia Question #11

Christmas Eve! It is officially the last shopping day until Christmas! Who still have shopping to do? I'm not sure I would want to battle those crowds! I'm all for it when it's Black Friday, but not Christmas Eve. I just want to relax by the fire, watch Christmas movies, and drink hot chocolate. And that's my plan! I'm lucky that my office is closed today, so I have the opportunity to do that. Is anyone working today? I'm very sorry if you are. Just to make your day a little bearable...more trivia!

Yesterday's Question:
Q10) What country did the song "Silent Night" originate from?

A) Austria - written by a young priest named Joesph Mohr, supposedly written to be accompanied specifically by guitar because the church's organ was broken and could not be repaired in time for Christmas Eve Mass.

Today's Question:
Q11) What brought Frosty the Snowman to life?

I'll post the answer tomorrow, along with the final question of our trivia game. Remember, tomorrow is the last day to get entered into the giveaway, so make sure that you get your answer entries in by visiting the entry form!

Two Turtledoves.......


  1. answer: a magical hat

    ^^ no shopping for me today but i will help my mother with her shop

    Merry christmas and thank you once again for thsi event

  2. It happened when he put on the magic hat.

  3. An old silk hat the children found!

  4. The hat that the kids put on his head!


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