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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Trivia Question #3

Ready for some more Christmas trivia? I hope y'all are having fun with our little game, because I sure am!

Yesterday's Question:
Q2) How much did Lucy charge for a psychiatric session on "A Charlie Brown Christmas?"

A) 5 cents

I love "A Charlie Brown Christmas," we watch it every year.

Today's Question:
Q3) In what country did the tradition of making gingerbread houses at Christmas time originate?

This one's a little harder than the first few! Good luck, and visit the first Q page to make sure your entry gets counted!

10 Lords a-leaping.....


  1. Germany! you can'ty imagine how wonderful and important christmas is there

    happy holidays

  2. Germany, thanks to The Brothers Grimm.

  3. Germany, because of the story of "Hansel and Gretel." :)

  4. The history of gingerbread goes way back but I guess Germany made the gingerbread house popular.

  5. My mom is German and they love gingerbread...well at least she does and so do I. Plus I'm thinking about Hansel and Gretal so I'm going with Germany!


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