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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Trivia Question #9

It's the last weekend before Christmas? Who is shopping today? I'm all done, thankfully. A few of my family members didn't make it easy though. It's always my Grandfather. Every year I'm like, "Gran, what do you want for Christmas?" and every year he's like, "I don't want anything. Please don't get me anything." I'm all, I'm going to get you something whether you tell me something you'd like to have, or not! There will be a present under the tree for you, so stop making this more difficult for me! Ah, that man. *Shakes head* Oh well. Who is the hardest person in your family to buy for?

Ready for some more trivia? First, here's the answer to yesterday's Question:
Q8) "Good King Wenceslas" was the King of what country?

A) Bohemia - although he was actually not a king, he was Duke of Bohemia from 907-935 AD, and the title of "King" was conferred to him posthumously by the Holy Roman Emporer Otto 1. 

Today's Question:
Q9) In "The Santa Clause" starring Tim Allen, what did the elves use to cut the prison bars?

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Four calling birds....


  1. i'm so glad i started and thus finished my christmas shopping really early because one gift was hard to find ( more than 30bookshops and at least as many call) but now i'm ready!!

    my answer is with tinsel

    happy holidays to you and your loved one

  2. My boyfriend says the same thing your grampa says. "Not a thing" Apparently because all's my boyfriend wants for christmas is me :) lol anyway the answer is tinsel of course . Merry Ho Ho Courtney! and Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

  3. Tinsel!

    EVERYBODY! And it's not only Christmas, birthdays too... -___-

  4. With tinsel, after tying the guard up with ribbon. :)

    I had my shopping done early for once this year. I can't stand the crowds so I try to get it done as early as possible or resort to online shopping. My hubs is hard to shop for. Everyone else is pretty easy!

  5. With tinsel :) I love the movie!


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