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Friday, December 21, 2012

Witch World by Christopher Pike

Have y'all been playing along with my Christmas Trivia game, and collecting those entries to win a year's worth of new releases? It's a pretty good deal, if you haven't started playing yet, you ought to get started! Anyway, today's review is of Christopher Pike's Witch World. I'm not the biggest Christopher Pike fan. In fact, I really haven't cared for anything I've read by him. But I knew that before I went into Witch World, and was determined to give this one a fair shake. It's a completely new series, so maybe I'd find something to enjoy.

Here's the summary from Goodreads: Heading off for a weekend in Las Vegas with her friends, Jessie Ralle has only one worry—how to make it through the road trip in the same car with her Ex, Jimmy Kelter. The guy who broke her heart five months ago when he dumped her for no reason. The guy who’s finally ready to tell her why he did it, because he wants her back. But what Jessie doesn’t realize is that Jimmy is the least of her problems. In Las Vegas she meets Russ, a mesmerizing stranger who shows her how to gamble, and who never seems to lose. Curious, Jessie wants to know his secret, and in response, alone in his hotel room, he teaches her a game that opens a door to another reality. To Witch World. Suddenly Jessie discovers that she’s stumbled into a world where some people can do the impossible, and others may not even be human. For a time she fears she’s lost her mind. Are there really witches? Is she one of them?

What I Liked: 1) Las Vegas. This was a great setting for a story like this. The city that never sleeps? Yes. It added a really interesting dimension to everything that was happening. 2) I liked Jessie. She was a person who knew what she wanted, and did what she needed to go after it. Kind of a, won't take no for an answer kind of person. I wasn't sure from the beginning if she was going to turn out that way, but she really did. 3) I really loved the concept. Walking through two different worlds between wake and sleep...it's actually a little confusing if you stop at all to think about it. But like it's setting, the book tends to go a mile a minute and in this case it worked in it's favor. Because the longer I think about how Witch World and...non-witch world worked, the more confusing it becomes. But it was completely unique and 100% interesting to me. 4) There is a phrase that pops up more than once. It's not exactly a code phrase, but it kind of clues you in on who is who. The phrase is "Are you connected." Well, it takes a while for the full meaning behind this to really come out, but once it does and you learn what it means to be "connected," the way they become "connected" is totally freaky. And to believe that as many people "are connected" as in this book, it's kind of astounding. There is a lot more to it, but I just don't want to give anything away, so that's all I'm going to say about it. But that alone just gives you a little taste of all the mystery wrapped up in this new book. 5) The ending broke my heart. I literally had tears in my eyes when I found out how the ending came to be. It's bittersweet for everyone involved, myself included.

What I Didn't Like: I had no complaints. I really enjoyed all of it!

Overall Thoughts: I wonder if this is going to be a series, or a one-shot. There isn't anything online about there being more books, but something on the inside flap of the hardback copy just made me believe that there might be another book. Either way, I know I'll enjoy reading this book again. It's the kind of book that because of the pacing, you can read it again and again, and discover something new every time. Christopher Pike (Kevin McFadden) has finally won me over with his Witch World series, and I know that fans of his will find this to be mysterious and intriguing with epic twists right up until the very end.

My Rating: 5 shots

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  1. Funny, I've read two negative reviews so far and this is totally the opposite. I like the idea of the concept and the setting, but I want it to make sense. I can't stand a book that makes my head spin when I think too hard about it :p But I'm happy that you like this book after the previous not-so-great-book-experiences :)



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