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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beautiful Creatures, the movie

My friends, I hope you've come to know me as a pretty positive reviewer, not overly critical, but honest with my thoughts. I try very hard to make sure that y'all know when I don't care for something, it doesn't necessarily mean that no one will.

That being said, please allow me a few minutes to rant.

Beautiful Creatures tops my list of favorite YA paranormal series. According to my Itunes account, I've listened to the audiobook of Beautiful Creatures, book 1, 10 times, and I've read it at least twice. I've read the other books as well, and reviewed both Beautiful Chaos and Beautiful Redemption here on Fuzzy.Coffee.Books. And if you saw my Valentine's Day post last week, you'll notice that Ethan was first on my YA book boyfriends list. So I clearly love the series, and know it pretty well.

So you can imagine that I was excited to finally get to the movie theater and see how they brought one of my favorite books to life on the big screen.

Now I understand that every single little detail of a book cannot be included in a two and a half hour movie. I always try to keep an open mind when going into a movie being made from a book.

This was bad. When the movie was over I walked out of the theater shaking my head and wondering if the screenwriters had actually ever read the book. Again, I understand that not every part of a book can be included in a movie. But instead of working to include as much as they could, they invented new parts of the story that never happened, and even went so far as to change the plot lines and relationships.

If you are planning on seeing the movie, you might not want to go any further, because I am about to start discussing some specifics.

First things first:

1) Why was Ethan making breakfast? If you've read the book, you'll know it's repetitively stressed to us that Amma has been feeding the Wate boys since Ethan's dad was a boy. And the bigger the breakfast, the bigger the day. What was Amma doing? Amma is supposed to have much more important role in the story than she did in the book.

2) Well, we found out later that Amma was working at the library ever since Ethan's mother died. WRONG! Where was Marion Ashcroft? This is a serious faux pas if they are planning on making the second movie. Marion plays a huge role later on, so I don't know how they are going to explain that one.

3) Why did she erase his memory? That wasn't anywhere in the book. In fact, that's not supposed to happen at all. Did the screenwriters just get too lazy to finish reading the book? That's literally what it seemed like. Oh, all this other stuff is supposed to happen, but we're tired of working on it, so let's just erase his memory. SCORE! Um, no. Try again.

4) Can we talk about the fact that in the book, Ethan and Lena have a conversation where they discuss why neither of them have southern accents? Lena has lived everywhere, so, no accent. Ethan has been raised by professors, so he makes some cute comment about being taught not to drop his g's. So why did they BOTH have southern accents in the movie? That isn't even like an event that would make it longer?

5) Link doesn't shoot Ethan at the end!!! In fact, no one shoots Ethan! Ethan doesn't get shot. He gets stabbed. By Seraphine. Uh, why was that changed? And the whole Book of Moons, Lena bringing Ethan back, where was all that? It's a completely different ending than the book. Once again, they didn't even read it!

And those are only a few of my biggest issues with this movie. I am sorely disappointed in just how far it deviated from the original story, and how easily some of that could have been avoided. I think, for those of you who have read and loved the story as much as I, you'll be disappointed, but maybe not as much now that I've warned you about some of the biggest differences.

The movie itself was well done. Both Jeremy Irons (Macon Ravenwood) and Emma Thompson (Seraphine Duchanes) were excellent in their roles, and if you haven't read the book (and therefore have nothing to compare it to) it might be pretty good.

Ah.....it feels good to get that all off my chest. Thanks for listening to my rant, and I appreciate y'all sticking with me. I'll be back to my normal positive self with my reviews on Thursday!

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  1. I actually never finished the book, and I didn't care about spoilers for either the book or the movie so I read this. It's always irritating when they change things that are important, but keep things that aren't. Also, the whole thing about the accent, I do remember that, but on the audiobook Ethan talks with an accent. I will probably eventually see this movie, like when it comes out on DVD and I can rent it for $1 from the redbox. It hasn't been very well received it seems.


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