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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, my Fuzzy.Coffee.Friends!

Since it's Valentine's Day, instead of a review today, I thought I would invite my sister Kelsey to guest blog with me and we could talk about our favorite boys of YA lit! So we decided to (independently) create our top ten Book Boyfriends lists, and then compare! See what you think:

Courtney's List
10)  Four - Divergent - I can't believe he is 10th on the list. But when you see the other guys coming up, you'll probably see why.

9) Tucker Avery - the Unearthly trilogy - A cowboy. Be still my southern girl heart.

8) Ash - the Iron Fey series - The Ice Prince's cool demeanor definitely makes me swoon.

7) Adrian Ivashkov - the Bloodlines and Vampire Academy series - Bad boy turned softie all because of a girl. Awe.....

6) Jace Wayland - The Mortal Instruments - Do I really need to explain this one?

5) Shay Doran - the Nightshade trilogy - This guy reminds me of a sweet puppy dog. A big, strong, manly one.

4) Gabriel - The Phantom Island series - Hot, with a fiery attitude, and a sunkissed 6-pack (at least in my imagination!)

3) Ky Markham - the Matched trilogy - Ky is strong and sensitive, and pretty quiet. I like that in a guy!

2) Jackson Meyer - the Tempest series - Though he starts off being kind of arrogant, I love the way Jackson cares about his family and friends, and the lengths he is willing to go for them.

1) Ethan Wate - the Beautiful Creatures series - I love Ethan. I've read this series nearly a dozen times. He is so smart and takes everything that this series throws at him in stride, like a gentleman.

Kelsey's List
10) Peeta Mellark - The Hunger Games trilogy - The chef in me loves a fellow baker! Love me some hot buns!

9) Ash - the Iron Fey series - I like 'em broody.

8) Travis Maddox - Beautiful Disaster - Playboy turned loyal sweetheart

7) Giovanni Vecchio - Elemental Mystery series - Sophisticated and passionate, with an air of mystery (Note from Court: Sister Mine, this is not a YA series, but I know how much you love him, so I'll allow it!)

6) Etienne St. Clair - Anna and the French Kiss - British boys get me every time (okay, so maybe he's French/American, but he grew up in London, so in my head, he has the ACCENT)

5) Lucas Deluse - the Starcrossed trilogy - Nothing will keep him away from the girl he loves

4) Jace Wayland - The Mortal Instruments - He ranks higher for me than for Courtney, so clearly I win.

3) Alex Fuentes - Perfect Chemisty - He's the guy from the wrong side of the tracks who turns his life around

2) Kaiden Rowe - Sweet Evil series - He's a musician. Hot and artistic? Yes, please!

1) Patch - the Hush, Hush series - Cause dark and mysterious turned loving and protective. Who doesn't want a guy like that?

I for one am surprised that we only chose two of the same boys! Kelsey and I read almost all of the same books, but clearly we have different taste in book boyfriends! What do y'all think? Whose list looks more like yours? And who would be your #1?

I hope you all have an awesome Valentine's Day! And big thanks to my sis, Kelsey for joining my in my YA boy fest!

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