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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reverse Author Interviews: Cinda Williams Chima

Happy Last Day of April! I can't believe it's almost May! Especially because we've had some nights in the 40s last week. That's so not Texas. Actually it is. We have drunk weather sometimes. Anyway, welcome to the another edition of Reverse Author Interviews! Today we are being joined by Cinda Williams Chima, author of a bunch of stuff including the Seven Realms series and The Heir Chronicles - I started reading this series way back before I started blogging, and loved it! So excited to have her with us today! Now, onto her questions!

CWC: What is the primary reason you put a book down, e.g. don't finish it?

C@FCB: I don't. I can't remember a book I didn't finish. There have been a couple that I've thought about not finishing. If no part of it interests me at all, I don't care what happens to the characters or the plot is not interesting or doesn't move smoothly enough for me. One time I came across a book that I thought may have been edited by a 5 year old. Or I wondered if maybe the author's first language wasn't English. Neither of these was the case, but I pushed through and managed to finish. Point is, it would take a lot for me to not finish a book. I hate leaving things unfinished. I'm that person who will sit in the car with the radio on just to finish a song before getting out.

CWC: How important is it for you to find characters that resemble you in fiction, e.g. pertaining to race, cultural affinity, gender, sexual orientation?

C@FCB: Those things are less important to me than making some sort of emotional connection. When I can connect emotionally, it's a lot easier for me to get into the story. But there are some themes that are universal, that transcend race, cultural affinity, and the like that you mentioned, especially love. Since this is such a prominent theme in the YA books I read, it's usually easy to find this common ground.

Big thanks to Cinda for stopping by FCB today, and also to the ladies of Book Munchies for organizing the Reverse Authors Interviews event! Make sure you stop by their site to find links to the other bloggers who've answered today's questions!

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