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Friday, April 26, 2013

Reverse Author Interviews: Jay Kristoff

Morning, my little chickadees! Guess what I have for you?! Another Reverse Author Interview! This week, Jay Kristoff joins us! Jay Kristoff is the author of The Lotus War series which includes Stormdancer and Kinslayer (releases in Sept 2013). Reverse Author Interviews give authors a chance to turn the tables on us bloggers and ask their readers the questions that they may have lurking in the back of their minds. For me, it's been so fun to find out what authors wonder about their readers, and has even given me a little bit more insight to include in my reviews! This awesome event is hosted by the ladies of BookMunchies who have done an incredible job putting it all together!

JK: How do you hear about the books you want to read? Friends? Blogs? Goodreads? Telepathic powers? 

C@FCB: Oh, telepathic powers. Definitely. Actually, it's kind of a mixture. Sometimes I just go to the bookstore and wander until I find something I want to read. Usually this ends in me carrying a stack of five or six books to the register. I love getting suggestions from other blogs. Especially on Wednesdays! I always add a ton of books to my To-Read list on Wednesdays when I bounce around and see what everyone is waiting on. Goodreads...a little. I don't really just peruse Goodreads. I only notice if someone I am friends with on GR posts a book or a review. As for my friends, well, I read more than most of them, so usually I'm the one making recommendations!

JK: How do you acquire most of your books? Amazon? Local store? Library? At gunpoint?

C@FCB: Most of the books I have are purchased by me. Either as an e-book (from the B&N Nook store), or from Amazon or my local Barnes and Noble. Sometimes I get books as gifts, but my local library has a really awful selection of newer stuff, so I use that mostly for re-reads and classics that I don't own. I'm single-handedly padding their YA section with donations from my overstuffed shelves!

JK: Do you prefer first person PoV stories (I did this) or third person (she/he did this)?

C@FCB: I actually have a weird answer for this one. I experience books about 60% of the time as a physical or e-book that I'm reading. The other 40% of the time, I'm listening to an audiobook. So when it's an audiobook, I don't have a preference. It doesn't make a whole lot of difference when I'm listening. But I do have some preferences when it comes to the other 60% of the time. If I'm reading a book that is an alternating POV, I don't like it to be first person. First person alternating is often very hard for me to follow. I don't mind it as much if the pov doesn't alternate, but I almost always prefer third person POV. Not that the POV is every going to make a difference in me deciding whether or not to read a particular book. It just might affect my enjoyment of a book. What can I say? I'm picky.

Thank you to Jay Kristoff for stopping by today for our Reverse Author Interviews, and as always, thanks to the ladies of BookMunchies for organizing the awesome event! Make sure you visit their blog for links to the other RAI posts!

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