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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Rules by Stacey Kade

I've been looking forward to this one for a while. The summary was intriguing, that cover kind of freaks me out, and the series name? Project Paper Doll? I just had to know what it was all about.

Here's the summary from Goodreads: 1. Never trust anyone. 2. Remember they are always searching. 3. Don’t get involved. 4. Keep your head down. 5. Don’t fall in love. Five simple rules. Ariane Tucker has followed them since the night she escaped from the genetics lab where she was created, the result of combining human and extraterrestrial DNA. Ariane’s survival—and that of her adoptive father—depends on her ability to blend in among the full-blooded humans in a small Wisconsin town, to hide in plain sight at her high school from those who seek to recover their lost (and expensive) “project.” But when a cruel prank at school goes awry, it puts her in the path of Zane Bradshaw, the police chief’s son and someone who sees too much. Someone who really sees her. After years of trying to be invisible, Ariane finds the attention frightening—and utterly intoxicating. Suddenly, nothing is simple anymore, especially not the rules…

What I Liked: 1) I liked Ariane pretty well. She was exactly what she was supposed to be - a girl on the fringe who doesn't really know how to interact with the people around her. Miz Kade did a good job in making Ariane 'that girl.' 2) Zane. It's pretty hard not to like the guy who is willing to break from the pack and look past Ariane's eccentricities that reveal her for what she is (not quite human.) 3) The story itself was creative, if not completely unique in it's plotlines. There were a few twists that I was not expecting, and that ended up disappointing me (for the characters, not in the writing), and I was impressed to see those spikes of energy in the book.

What I Didn't Like: For me, The Rules felt...watered down. The characters were good, but lacking in depth and in spirit. The idea was good, but for me it comes on the heels of another book that was similar, if only reversed. It's a quick read but without any much energy it was hard to stay focused on the story at hand. Also, I hated her "best friend." Hated her. That was just mean.

Overall Thoughts: I found The Rules to be a little lackluster, with flat characters and a plot that didn't have any real drive. Suffice it to say, this one just wasn't for me. I really wanted to like it more, and even read it twice to see if there was something I missed. The lack of a connection for me kinda clinched it though. This story is, however, meant as a series, and I'm actually looking forward to the next book, to see if maybe the story comes alive a bit more.

My Rating: 2 shots
The Rules hits shelves on April 23rd, 2013

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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