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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vacation Reading (Discussion)

I am curious about something, so I decided to ask some of the most avid readers I know: You guys! So as you know, I just recently went on a ten day vacation (and eight of those days were on a cruise ship!). And I packed three books, and my Nook. Part of the reason for needing paperbacks is because my nook is hard to read in the sun, and especially if I have my sunglasses on (which are prescription and therefore a must) I can't see the screen at all. So, sadly, I can't just pack my nook.

Anyway, while I was gone, I finished seven books while I was on vacation (and no, I didn't spend my whole time reading). But we had three full days just at sea, not in any port, a half a day spent lounging on the beach (Eagle Beach in Aruba - OMG, I could live there forever!), a six hour wait at the airport, and two flights. So lots of reading time. A few of the books were what I call "beach reads," but there was some darker stuff too.

My question is, how many books do you take or plan to read on vacation? I actually didn't finish all of my paperback books, but once I was getting close to finishing that last one, I was getting nervous that I wouldn't have anything to read on my flight home. This is actually the smallest number of books I've packed to go on a vacation, ever. But with the cost of checking bags, and since my bag was getting soooo close to being overweight (it actually ended up being 51 lbs!) I was trying to be careful.

So how do y'all plan your reading for vacation? Some of the books I was reading I had purchased a while ago and specifically saved for vacation, such as Nantucket Blue and Five Summers. And others I needed to read so I could get reviews posted once I got home (like Infinityglass). Do y'all do that, plan specific books for specific times, such as vacation? I do this around Halloween too, I save something specific to read while I'm handing out candy.

Since summer is wrapping up, I thought it would be a good time to as y'all how you plan your vacation reading! Thanks for sharing with me!

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  1. I can never figure out exactly how many books to take along on vacations, either. I don't have an e-reader so I have to take physical books. My last week long vacation I took along three books and I was half through the third by vacations end, so I guessed correctly. When I went to Europe last year I lugged along four books and only got half through the third (which i still haven't finished.) I think the kind of vacation also determines that number of books. Cruising there is more time for reading than when sightseeing in a new/exotic town. i also figured out that short-stories work good for me when I am traveling. Seven books, WOW, you really had so time to read!

  2. I rarely get vacations. When I was a kid I would read a lot when my parents and I went on them in the car, but I can't ride in the car anymore (motion sickness from reading? ugh!).


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