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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Revealed by P.C. and Kristin Cast


The big day is here! I hope you all have the costumes and the candy ready! I'll be handing out candy tonight, and hopefully getting to see my cutie pie nephews in their costumes! Today, I chose to review P.C. and Kristin Cast's Revealed, the penultimate book in the House of Night series. As many of you know, I've been with this series since the beginning, but have started to look for the light at the end of the tunnel. I was pleased to see in the last book, Hidden, that things were starting to look up.

Here's the summary from Goodreads: Drastically altered after her fall at the end of Hidden, Neferet is now more dangerous than ever—and her quest for vengeance will wreak havoc on humans, as well as Zoey and her friends. Chaos is loosed in Tulsa and the House of Night is blamed. Can Zoey stop Neferet in time to keep her anger from escalating to full-on war? Or will someone else have to step in to take the fall?

What I Liked: 1) Surprisingly, I actually liked the story coming from multiple perspectives. The story has become much more focused in Revealed, but if it had stuck with just Zoey, I think it would have been very flat. I think the multiple POVs were very important, because it was important for the reader to see how Zoey's behavior was affecting those around her, and what they saw when they looked at her. 2) Aphrodite and Shaylin. Aphrodite has been around for a while, and I've really grown to like her brutal honesty. I feel like she brings a level of maturity to the story that Zoey is SORELY lacking. True she isn't very nice, but after eleven books, her arrogance has grown on me. Especially because we get those little glimpses that she does believe in what they are all fighting for, and her genuine gentleness and vulnerability that shows up every once in a while. Shaylin is newer to the group, and because she is she has a little bit of a different perspective of things. It's nice to see things through her "fresh eyes" and get a sense of what is going on inside their group from someone who is new. I also like her loyalty and how she cares about everyone. 4) The focus. Like I mentioned before, the story has become much more focused and I sincerely appreciate that. For a while these books just seemed to be chaotic. But we've finally got some more focus to the story, a clearer sense of what needs to happen. I'm so glad that there is some method in the madness that we can see now that we're finally coming close to the end. 5) I liked the way it ended, because I think it set up some great things to come in the final book of the series. I'm really looking forward to finally having an ending.

What I Didn't Like: In my review of Hidden, I talked about the passage of time being glossed over. I still have an issue with not knowing that. But it's mostly because Zoey still talks like a six year old. For crying out loud, she's seventeen years old. She needs to grow up and use her words. And I'm not talking about "four letter words" because there is plenty of that floating around this book. But the word "potty" is, in my opinion, inappropriate to use after the age of six, unless you have a child under the age of six.

Overall Thoughts: I'm glad to have read Revealed and learned what all has been going on with the House of Night. The multiple perspectives really made this book a good read, because you can see the events happening from all angles. I think this was one of the best additions to the series, and with the set up at the end, I can't wait to see how PC and Kristin finally wrap everything up.

My Rating: 4 candy corns

Once again, I just want to say Happy Halloween and I hope y'all have a lot of fun celebrating!


  1. sounds good..... still i'm hesitant to get back to this series, book 5 onwards didn't exactly sit well with me.

    still great review

    Aparajita @Le' Grande Codex

  2. I only read the first two book in the series. I think the books are good but not so good that I want to read all of the books.


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